“Incredibly talented and promising” - The Villager: ‘Held Momentarily’ Review - A Long Wait That’s Worth the Trip

“Houser's musical chooses to be a humanist beauty, a piece of musical theatre that challenges us by showing us how impatient, envious and selfish we can be, while daring to suggest that we see past i and choose empathy and kindness instead." - Stage Buddy: ‘Held Momentarily’ Review

"It is a joy to witness the growth of a young new voice for the American musical."- Theatre Reviews Limited: ‘Held Momentarily’ Review

"I had trouble taking my eyes off Oliver Houser. Within a sometimes extreme and emotional production, he gave a stunningly naturalistic and honest performance." - Dave’s Theater Blog: ‘Spring Awakening’ Review - First Things First


Oliver Houser announced as recipient of the inaugural Stephen Schwartz Award: “The Stephen Schwartz Award is an annual pledge to the future of musical theater. It is given to a young musical theater writer that a private committee of composers and industry professionals believes to be important to the continued success of the craft.” -BroadwayWorld



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