Press for Held Momentarily

The Villager

"Incredibly Talented and Promising"

stage buddy

"Houser's musical chooses to be a humanist beauty, a piece of musical theatre that challenges us by showing us how impatient, envious and selfish we can be, while daring to suggest that we see past i and choose empathy and kindness instead."


"It is a joy to witness the growth of a young new voice for the American musical."

new york theater review

"A lovely homage to New York at both at its best and worst... a wonderful reminder that, despite our differences, we’re all living in the same wonderful city."


Dave's Theater Blog (review for spring awakening)

"I had trouble taking my eyes off Oliver Houser. Within a sometimes extreme and emotional production, he gave a stunningly naturalistic and honest performance." 


Theater in the now

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